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masaje-shiatsu1Trained in Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage Therapy and Remedial massage techniques Christopher has combined them all in one comprehensive 60 or 90 minute massage that is both incredibly relaxing and highly beneficial to your body.

My prices are highly competitive:

60 minutes: £50.00

90 minutes: £60.00

Here’s a quick overview of each technique:

Swedish: Slow relaxing stokes and kneading of the surface of your body – an incredibly soothing and relaxing massage.

Shiatsu: A Japanese massage that involves using localised pressure in rhythmic form to increase blood flow around certain parts of the body.

Deep Tissue: This technique works deeper in the body, relaxing and working your muscles and connective tissue. This is great for relieving those knots or working on areas of pain.

Sports Therapy: This one isn’t just for athletes but anyone who’s active and busy. Fast strokes and pressure points help loosen muscles and increase your flexibility.

Remedial: As its name suggests remedial massage is used to remedy pain or injuries. It works every layer from deep muscle to surface layer.